Race Hard! Race Ugly!
Wheeled Warriors seek to conquer amateur roadracing
Home Page of the Ugly Racers!

The often maligned statement that the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys won’t be denied by these ugly mugs.   Team Race Hard Race Ugly acknowledges some past great thinker who reminded us all that its never to late to have a happy childhood.  Hanging out with good friends, telling lies on and about each other, driving fast (well - quick at least) what could be more fun.   

At right our founding members make an important discovery, "hey this car looks better shiny side up"!

From these humble beginnings, the race hard race ugly team developed into real race car drivers.  Blue jeans and T-shirts, although comfortable, are replaced with Nomex and cool suits.  These boys are based in Lafayette, LA, and sitting on the false grid and waiting in August, makes a cool suit a survival tool.  Go to the about us page to learn more of how this group has grown, and what the futures plans for conquest include.  Hint it takes 24 hours and pays a cash prize in nickels.      

 Don't let the handsome devil may care grins fool you, these guys Race Hard! and Race Ugly!

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